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Cheers to an improvised life at 24

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Being productive #writeitlikeyoumeanit
Got a surprise delivery. I feel so loved.
The paper pile is growing. #writeitlikeyoumeanit
This means break time.
{day 182} #ootd guess I could say it’s actually a productive day. Remade the interface on a baseline grid. What would I ever do without them! Also flushed out more interface states. Things are moving along. Finally wore the Metro Park shirt from years ago. Didn’t go to waste. Studio hired someone, Kathy, during lunch time to clean up after us. Sad but true. We are working on such tech savvy things that require so much brain power, but we have a hard time dealing with the simplest tasks of washing our own dishes after using them when the dishwasher is full. I guess it’s one solution to the problem. Just a bit embarrassing. Whatever. Got my stuff prepped for tomorrow to get a head start. Finally used the fat chiseled marker. It’s a beauty. Came home and watched The Grandmasters. Beautifully shot with awesome slow mo shots of all the action scenes. Worth watching. And OH the colors. Cleaned the make up brushes and hair brushes; so gnarly. | I am thankful for the green tea I have at home |
{day 181} #ootd ramping up on the UI work. Hashed through another lengthy 2 hours for the flow of the interface. Went to the mall afterwards to return a dress and then turned around and bought a comfy jumpsuit that finally fit. Cotton On, I am on to you. Walked back to the car and went home to eat another salad. Talked to mom for a bit before bed. Last thing she requested before hanging up was to write something I’m thankful for everyday. Sure, why not. | I am thankful for having a job |
{day 180} #ootd nothing special. Only forgot my keys in Alina’s car and she went to work at 6 in the morning. Took the bus and walked to work instead. It’s not so bad. Kind of nice actually, besides the smell. Lots of smells. Not going to even try to decipher them. Stayed late to do some work and waited for my ride. Came home and ate there at of my noodles with veggies. I need to cook more often. Hung out and stretched before bed.
{day 179} #ootd went running at Ocean beach and then got PK. Really nice day to be out. Got groceries and came home to make dinner. Comfort noodles with tofu and Thousand year old eggs. Good stuffffff.
Dinner is served.
{day 178} #ootd got brunch with the roomie and her man lover at Serpentine. Got home, helped Alina get ready for a wedding, and  vacuumed. Parents called and politely beckoned me to come by this seminar in Union City that our Buddhist center was holding about appreciation for our parents and OMAK (aka observe merit appreciate kindness). Thought it was my day off but I guess not. As corny as it sounds, there was a great turnout, it was a full house. Majority of the attendees were Taiwanese and Chinese adults. Heard some very heart wrenching stories and sat through some of their exercises to express some heartfelt feelings to moms. It’s hard to be annoyed at my parents for calling me to come out to this when I know they only want what is best for me. Need to figure some things out. Drove home in silence, ate dinner, and got ready for Booty. Thought I was going to dance my socks off, but ended up sitting down from blacking out due to dehydration and exhaustion. One drink is still to many. Dumb alcohol. Conor drove my car home and I got ready for bed. So sad their lavender got stolen. Many thanks for looking after me my lovely friends­čĺ×