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Cheers to an improvised life at 24

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So this happens lol
{day 213} #ootd got ready and stopped by Paina to get some poke. Ended up staying around for the farmers market in the mall strip. The poke from there was so much better. Eventually made our way to Waimea beach. I think I burned my feet walking on the scorching sand. Waves were low but it got bigger as the day went by. Made a few jumps off the famous boulder on the side of the beach. Local people were doing fancy flips and shit. So fearless! Headed back around 3 and made a pit stop at Dole Plantation. Got some dole whip and some chili cheese fries. Went back to the apartment to get ready before heading to the wedding. It was definitely beautiful and well thought out. White themes with flowers and table cloth. Each table is travel themed with a country my uncles’ visited. Professional photographers and videographers were prancing around while the guests enjoyed themselves. An enjoyable night overall. Went out after the wedding to a karaoke bar but left quickly because the queue  of songs were too mellow and sad. Went to another gay bar and watched guys make make my cousin feel uncomfortable. Gay guys love them small chinese boys. Uber end it home and got ready for the next day.
Sitting in India.
Family time.
Dessert. 😀
Uncle John and his wedding cake.
QT @adrienney
Main course
First course.
Flower decor. So lovely.