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Cheers to an improvised life at 24

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Surreal Photography by Kylli Sparre
Check out this collection of fine art photography and image manipulations by Kylli Sparre.
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Good stuff. @hwwwh
{day 161} #ootd feeling better today. Switching gears on projects to branding. Probably the smoothest and informative meeting I’ve ever witnessed during my time here. Did more iterations and then left to pick up May. Stopped by to try the Bobba Guys and introduce Branson to pearl milk tea. It was fun. Made our next stop in Oakland at Pyeoung Chan for dinner with Nami. Really nice to get back in sync with friends. Stopped by Michael’s to drop off the tamales and now going to bed.
Apparently Ashton Kutcher was having coffee at Front this afternoon.
{day 160} #ootd the frustrations ensue. I don’t think I can handle being a full fledged UI / UX designer. Continued working on the flow chart diagram and learning more about prototyping tools. Caroline came over to visit and ended up going out to the Ramp with Megan, Branson, and Caroline to hangout. Had a small dinner before calling it a night. Went home, downloaded Penny Dreadful and watched while waiting for laundry to be done. Such guilty pleasures. Went to bed.
{day 159} #ootd more UI work. Feeling fed up and irritated. No one to be blamed but on the structure of how things work at this studio. Always all over the place with the process, if you can call it process. It’s always one step forward, 3 steps back. Feel like time and effort is not used constructively. Don’t have much more patience on this, although I’m probably still exhausted from the push last week. Let out some steam later in the evening and then went over to workout with people. Being active helped a bit. Went home and hungout before going to bed.
{day 158} #ootd now that RFF is done, it is back to doing UI designing. I don’t mind it, but it’s getting frustrating again. Wrapped up whatever else was. Of the festival and organized my files. Decided to drop by downtown to return things to UNIQLO and last minute persuaded Rosanne to come out. Stopped by ZARA and bought some ridiculous shirts before returning my shirts. Went to King of Thai for dinner and shared roasted duck fried rice and roasted duck noodle soup. It’s a duck kind of night. Talked till late and drove her home before going back myself.
Different colored sand. Someone explain to me??