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Cheers to an improvised life at 24

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Different colored sand. Someone explain to me??
I’m in love with this sand.
{day 157} #ootd slept in and decided in the end not to go to the Ramen Festival. Went to Fort Funston instead for some exploring and some sand dune running. Discovered a graveyard of jelly fish washed ashore and lots of crabs. Have never seen this happen before. Looked like giant used condoms from a party in the sea. Collected some colorful rocks and found our sand dune to run on. It is so painfully hard to run on sand. I will feel this in two days. Went to eat pho and then waited in in line for Purple Kow later. Discovered a brand new bakery opened just a month ago across the street called Marla’s Bakery. @aiyalosanne @hwwwh @raaarwwwwandy we should go. Beautiful bakery /cafe/ garden to sit down at. Chit chatted and people watched as we shared a milk tea with grass jelly. Turned out to be a perfect day. Came back home, showered and relaxed before driving Michael to the BART. Came home and started editing photos. Such a chore.
{day 156} #ootd got up and got ready to go to the festival. Changed outfits like 3 times before heading out the door. Arrived around 9:45 and people were setting up. It’s quite exciting to see people be curious to see what was going on in this alleyway. Started documenting as much as I could all around me. Slowly people trickled in and got settled before the showing. May, Bobby, Alfred, and my parents slowly showed up. Started the day off with our feature film, Hinokio, and then went to grab lunch at Sally’s Restaurant and Deli. Afterwards, went back and enjoyed the rest of the festival activities. Hands down the beer and cocktails tasted amazing. Haven’t enjoyed alcohol this much in a while. I am such a picky drinker. Went around some more and got some candid photos. Ended the night on a very happy note. Thank you all for attending. It made my day that much more special and more fun! Also must thank people at the studio for all their hard work and enthusiasm. Couldn’t have done it without any of them. Beat Bots and Bot & Dolly for hosting and giving me the opportunity to participate in making this magical day that much more spectacular.
RFF signage.
RFF is ready to go.
{day 155} #ootd last day till the big event. Thought we covered pretty much everything but we hadn’t and I decided to wear wedges. Sad days. At least we got some very delicious and witches today. Mozzarella + prosciutto + pesto + tomato + basil. Makes me miss Italy a little. More stuff just creeped up and didn’t get to work on UI until later today. Hangry and tired is not the best combo. At least we got it done doe. Left after seven to go home, changed into sweats, crawled in bed, downloaded Penny Dreadful and watched it for the rest of the night.
#autofuss prep for RFF on Saturday.
#rff2014 vinyl makes everything look awesome.
Because we like to make cool shit. Swag swag swag wag swag!!!