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Cheers to an improvised life at 24

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{day 51} #ootd April First and I got no pranks to play. Best news of the day was Michael’s painting winning first place! Walked over to CCA to listen in on a lecture by a sculpting artist and then went over to Bar Norcini for some celebrating. Happy that I could celebrate with you and your brother!
@liarliarpantsonfiyah coool guy 3
@liarliarpantsonfiyah coool guy 2
@liarliarpantsonfiyah coool guy
{day 50} #ootd Mandy rolled by quickly. Same old at work. Picked up Michael and went back to his place. Had some very delicious ox tail soup waiting. Food is my weakness.
Oooooh child.
Beignet plate. The best one was the crab one.
{day 48 & 49} #ootd Hungover on Saturday all day. Drove to the Sunset for Pho and milk tea and it was pouring rain. Best pick up good ever. Came home and they left to get her to the airport. Literally say in the kitchen and read manga straight till 9 and decided to clean the fridge, my room and organize the sink underneath. My day in a nutshell. Sunday couldn’t come soon enough. Met Randy and Rosanne for some NOLA soul food in Little Saigon. Took a walk and shopped for the rest of the day. Indulging at its finest. Ended up with a new dark purple lipstick and a pair of red heels. Bussed home and ate flowers of potstickers. Ready for Monday.
With my boo thangs. Let’s make this happen again.
{day 47} #ootd ITS FRIDAY!!! Made progress at work and Jenny and Jennifer are came over to catch up. Got some food, drank som coffee and we went out to the Mission. Walked down Valencia St. First to look at Amnesia but it was a gypsy pink night with cover so that was a no go. Stopped at a Mexican bar restaurant to start it off with some mojitos and drunken beans. Went onward to Elbo Room but too crowded so we ended up at Double Dutch. Never fails me to have a good time there. Just a bit crowded. There was a lady twerking it out to her man and all I can say is damn. Thankfully not a sausage fest and we stayed till they closed. Made it home to enjoy potstickers and a noise complaint the following morning from our housemates downstairs. So sorry.